Top React Native Development Companies: Ratings and Selection Criteria

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  • Aug 11, 2021
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When you need to build a React Native application, it’s vital to find a reliable partner. Your partner should be able to quickly complete challenging tasks to reduce development time. They should also have a team of skilled specialists who utilize the latest technologies and deliver products of impeccable quality.

Since there are many React Native app development companies on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs. Hence, we’ve prepared a list of criteria to help you pick the best agency for you. We’ve also identified the top ten React Native companies for startups.

Company Avg. quality Avg. scheduling Avg. cost Accessible workflow Design system Accessible portfolio Social involvement Open source development Overall
nomtek 4.8 4.8 4.8 N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A 4.8
RubyGarage 4.8 4.7 4.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.8
Miquido 4.7 4.7 4.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.7
Atta Systems 4.9 4.8 4.7 Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A 4.7
Zco 4.7 4.7 4.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A 4.7
Cheesecake Labs 4.8 4.7 4.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A 4.7
Droids On Roids 4.8 4.7 4.7 Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes 4.7
S-PRO 4.8 4.8 4.8 Yes N/A Yes N/A N/A 4.7
Netguru 4.8 4.5 4.4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 4.6
STRV 4.8 4.7 4.4 Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes 4.6

How to choose the best React Native developer for you

A great React Native developer is the key to success for a technology startup that needs a mobile app for both iOS and Android. Below are criteria that will help you analyze and select a top React Native app development company.


A company’s reputation is one of the most important criteria to help you evaluate if the company is a good choice for you. To check a company’s reputation, you can use trusted platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, Wadline, or TopDevelopers.

Real people use these websites to share their honest feedback about companies using star ratings and comments. This feedback can be beneficial for analyzing a potential partner’s reputation. 

There are a lot of factors you can evaluate. However, if you’re looking for the best overall company — and one that is capable of delivering top-quality products fast and at affordable prices — consider the following criteria:

  • Quality. Describes how good the company’s products are
  • Scheduling. Showcases the company’s adherence to deadlines when building mobile apps
  • Cost. Highlights affordability

Portfolio shared by top React Native app development companies

A list of a company’s completed projects will help you analyze a company’s ability to tackle complicated projects. Assess the company’s portfolio, and pay close attention to React Native applications similar to the one you want to build.

Looking at companies’ portfolios will help you discover if companies can build applications with complex user interfaces (UIs) and unique features using React Native. If a company doesn’t share information about the applications it has built, that’s a red flag. It also may be a sign that an agency doesn’t want to promote itself, as they have produced poor quality applications. 

Design systems and premade components

Check if a firm has defined style guides for its developers. Style guides help ensure that the application quality always adheres to the company’s standards.

Also, try to find out if any React Native app development companies use pre-made components or templates. They help reduce the time needed to create a fully functional product. If the company has pre-made components or templates, it will also reduce the cost of developing a mobile application.

Defined workflow

The way a company follows when building mobile apps is crucial to consider when choosing a React Native development company. If the developers have coherent and thorough guidelines, they can develop a product more efficiently. A defined workflow helps create top-quality mobile applications within the specified deadlines.

Social involvement and community commitment

Сheck companies’ blogs to examine the quality of their content. If a company publishes expert content about technology and building mobile applications, it probably has significant expertise. 

Also, feel free to examine React Native app development companies’ social media profiles to discover how companies interact with customers, if they attend conferences, and how many followers they have.

We also recommend checking if a company develops open source software and helps other community members. It will help you distinguish niche leaders that are capable of developing innovative solutions. You can check out GitHub. It is one of the most popular platforms for sharing open source software. 

Top React Native app development companies

Finding a top React Native company can be a daunting task, so we’ve applied all the criteria listed above to many agencies that use React Native for mobile app development. Below, you will find a selection of top React Native companies.

nomtek company logo

1. nomtek

Country: Poland
Founded: 2009
Rating: 4.8

Nomtek is a Poland-based company focused on building mobile applications and augmented reality (AR) solutions. They take a professional approach and have a defined workflow to deliver top-quality products on time. Nomtek works with small businesses and large companies.

RubyGarage company logo

2. RubyGarage

Country: Estonia
Founded: 2011
Rating: 4.8

RubyGarage is a leading software development company that builds digital products of outstanding quality. The company offers a wide variety of services. Thanks to their extensive professional expertise, use of design systems, and pre-made components, RubyGarage successfully delivers high-quality products fast.

Miquido company logo

3. Miquido

Country: Poland
Founded: 2011
Rating: 4.7

Miquido is a top React Native app development company that provides full-cycle development. They have an excellent background in crafting digital products and work in many domains. Miquido’s primary focus is middle-market businesses that have a large budget for mobile application development.

Atta Systems company logo

4. Atta Systems

Country: Romania
Founded: 2015
Rating: 4.7

Atta Systems is a software engineering company from Romania that uses React Native for mobile app development. This company helps startups and small companies build and market mobile applications. Atta Systems has an average-sized team at its headquarters. They also have virtual offices in the US, the UK, and Singapore.

Zco company logo

5. Zco

Country: USA
Founded: 1989
Rating: 4.7

Zco is a veteran software development firm established more than 30 years ago that has three offices in the US. The company uses a unique design system and workflow as well as its extensive experience to tackle challenging tasks fast.

Cheesecake Labs company logo

6. Cheesecake Labs

Country: USA

Founded: 2013
Rating: 4.7

Cheesecake Labs is a US-based software development company that specializes in building mobile applications. This company has a large team with more than 100 members involved in developing mobile applications from scratch.

Droids On Roids company logo

7. Droids On Roids

Country: Poland
Founded: 2011
Rating: 4.7

Droids On Roids is a software development agency that offers long-term partnerships to clients. They provide dedicated product development teams and claim that 100% of their experts are based in the company’s office. Droids On Roids uses the Agile methodology to effectively manage business processes.

S-PRO company logo

8. S-PRO

Country: Poland
Founded: 2014
Rating: 4.7

S-PRO is a large team of skilled experts who build mobile applications and other types of digital solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. They have adopted many technologies. However, this company doesn’t share expert content and open source products on the internet.

Netguru company logo

9. Netguru

Country: Poland
Founded: 2008
Rating: 4.6

Netguru is a software development agency that offers full-cycle digital product development. They often use React Native to develop mobile applications. Also, they provide top-tier consultancy for those who lack technical expertise.

STRV company logo

10. STRV

Country: USA
Founded: 2004
Rating: 4.6

STRV is a reputable software development firm that specializes in delivering digital solutions for small and midsize businesses. Their team of experts uses a defined workflow to build high-quality products fast. However, their rates are higher than the market average.

Bonus: what to do before finding a React Native agency

Many startup owners and CTOs spend a lot of time communicating with lots of different React Native development companies. To provide a project estimate quickly, developers need to gather a lot of information about a product: its features, design, deadlines, etc. 

If you don’t want to waste time, you should gather the following information about your mobile application before you look for React Native app development companies:

Mobile app features list

We recommend thoroughly analyzing your mobile application’s core features and writing them down. This list will help developers better understand what you want and how much time it will take to develop the features. Focus on the app’s unique value proposition to stand out from the crowd and make your mobile app go viral.

API specification

If you’re going to build a complex mobile app that has a back end, don’t hesitate to collect API specifications. They will help software engineers understand what third-party services are required to fetch, process, and save data. 

Mobile app interface mockup

This is a detailed draft of your mobile application’s UI elements. Providing developers with a ready-to-use design will help them start creating your product faster and more accurately estimate the project's development time and possible risks. Also, they will more accurately estimate the development time and possible risks. 

Note that React Native technology has some limitations. For example, you may need to use native code to separately develop some UI components for iOS and Android devices. Also, React Native mobile applications have performance issues when using custom gestures. 

Compiling all of this information before searching for a developer will help you get a project estimate faster. They will also allow software engineers to identify possible issues before development begins. 

Concluding words

When looking for a perfect company to outsource React Native app development services to, most people strive to find a company that offers an ideal blend of price, quality, and performance. Use the selection criteria listed above to distinguish niche-leading agencies. Otherwise, you can choose a company from our list of top React Native app development companies above.



  1. These days, there are a lot of websites that list reviews of software development agencies. The most trusted ones are :

  2. We have compiled a set of criteria to consider when researching top React Native app development companies. The following criteria will help you evaluate a company’s expertise:

    • Reputation
    • List of projects completed
    • Design systems and pre-made components
    • Workflow
    • Social media presence
    • Open source software development contributions
  3. In order to outsource React Native app development services professionally and efficiently, we recommend you gather the following information first:

    • Mobile app features list
    • API specifications
    • Mobile app UI mockup



Artem M.

Artem M.


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Vlad V.

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