Primary ruby rails digest
Primary ruby rails digest

Ruby/Rails Digest: Rails 5.1.0.beta1 Release, Donald Trump, and Rails Scalability

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  • Mar 13, 2017

Maryna Z.


Vlad V.

Chief Executive Officer


Dear Ruby/Rails fans, we’re happy to announce the release of our very first digest to help you keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of Ruby and Rails. In this issue we’ve rounded up some interesting releases, upcoming events, articles, tutorials, and other materials about Ruby: read about the release of Rails 5.1.0.beta1, a successful case of scaling a Rails app from Unboxed, and much more. Have a nice read everyone!

To read

Is Ruby dead? Hell no! Amazing Ruby gems stats for 2016 – Even though some claim that Ruby’s finest hour is past, the Infinium team claims precisely the opposite. Here’s an interesting analytical article about Ruby gems, Ruby on Rails alternatives, preferred servers, and more.

Bundler and Gemfile Best Practices – This article tells you how to keep your Gemfile clean and avoid accumulating outdated dependencies and unneeded gems.

A Rails Security Checklist – A handy checklist of major security issues in Rails apps. Your own contributions to this list of vulnerabilities are welcome!

How to Spy on Your Ruby Methods – Learn how to track the execution of specific methods with the help of the TracePoint class from Ruby’s built-in tracing system.

Open-Source Software. What is in a poke? – How can you keep from getting lost in the sea of open-source tools and distinguish garbage from reliable libraries and frameworks? This article describes how in detail.

Learn how to achieve parallelism with Ruby MRI using I/O bound threads – One issue that keeps many developers on their toes is how to increase Ruby performance. Look for the answer in Mike Kim’s article.

Scaling Rails through 650 million requests in 5 days: The Donald Trump State Visit petition – Yes, Donald Trump is being talked about even on a development blog. Here’s an amusing story about how Unboxed scaled the Parliament Petitions Rails app and won the fight against an influx of visitors.

To watch

Rails Counter Caches – A screencast from GoRails about how to use counter caches in your Rails applications.

Searchkick and Elasticsearch – A step-by-step screencast showing you how to install Searchkick and Elasticsearch in your Rails app. The author also demonstrates autofill functionality.

To listen produced podcasts on Ruby and Rails topics. In this recent podcast, Charles Max Wood and Jerome Hardaway discuss discuss packaging solutions and their security with Nell Shamrell-Harrington.


Simple tips to make scaling your database easier as you grow – This article on Honeybadger suggests that you should plan scaling your database in advance and how to implement this.

Build your first Facebook Messenger bot in Ruby with Sinatra and the “facebook-messenger” gem (Part 1/3) – The first installation of a long step-by-step tutorial on how to build your own bot for Facebook Messenger with the Sinatra framework.

GoF Design Patterns Demonstrated and Explained with Ruby – A summary of adapted design patterns described in the book Design Patterns in Ruby.

Common Rails Idioms that Kill Database Performance – An article about Rails idioms that slow down database performance.


Ruby Object Mapper 3.0 – A big release, Ruby Object Mapper 3.0 came out on January 30. The release includes more stable versions of rom-sql 1.0.0 and rom-repository 1.0.0. The improvements touch upon extended functionality of the Schema API and Command API, as well as new features in rom-sql and rom-repository.

Rails 4.2.8 – Rails 4.2.8 is the first version in the 4.2 series that officially supports Ruby 2.4. Changes to the Action Mailer, Action Pack, and Action View gems can be found in the changelogs on GitHub.

Hanami v.1.0.0.beta1 – This new version of Hanami includes improved API stability, compliance with Ruby 2.3+ (including Ruby 2.4), Project Logger, an improved Model Generator and much more.

Rails 5.1.0.beta1 – A big update, version 5.1 includes management of NPM dependencies with Yarn, optional compilation of JavaScript with Webpack, drops jQuery as a default dependency, adds built-in system testing with Capybara, and much more.


Quora followers of David Heinemeier Hansson, perhaps better known as DHH, noticed his prolific activity in January. The Ruby on Rails creator replied to 14 questions on Ruby and Rails topic earlier this year including questions about promising startups, the most productive programming languages other than Ruby, and the future of JavaScript frameworks. DHH also shortly replied to the question “Is Rails going to be relevant in 5 years?”

In other news, Tobi Lütke, CEO of Shopify, wrote on Twitter account that Shopify has been updated to Rails version 5.0. Tobi also pointed out that Shopify’s success is tied to the Rails framework:



Maryna Z.


Vlad V.

Chief Executive Officer

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