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UX Audit Services

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What is a UX audit?

A user experience audit is a fast and affordable way to improve your product. During a UX audit, a designer uses a collection of skills, tools, and methods to analyze how users interact with your product and identify any UX issues.

This analysis informs recommendations on how to optimize your website or app, improve business performance, and increase ROI.

A UX audit is based on the expertise of a designer as well as on heuristic principles, usability guidelines, and user interface best practices.

Designer expertise

Heuristic principles

Usability guidelines

UI best practices

What can you expect?

When you choose our UX design review services, we evaluate your product’s usability. Then we provide you with a written document created by our UX expert that includes the following:

  • High-level recommendations regarding issues that impact overall product performance
  • An overview of issues according to their level of severity
  • A detailed list of UX issues with illustrative examples
  • Recommendations for solving the problems found

List of UX problems

Severity ratings

Giving advice

Why your project needs a UX review

Our UX design review services are aimed at improving your project in the following ways:

Streamlining the user experience

Users are looking for a seamless experience. And if they don’t get it, they’ll leave. Our UX review service helps you identify and eliminate user experience issues related to design and achieve an easy-to-use product.

Increasing your conversion rate

The quality of the user experience and the conversion rate are correlated. Our UX review team identifies barriers to conversion and finds effective design solutions to remove them.

Increasing user satisfaction

User engagement, retention, and loyalty directly depend on user satisfaction. During a UX audit, we streamline your product’s user experience so customers keep returning to your app.

Enhancing competitiveness

We discover how to make your product’s unique value more appealing to users. A UX audit allows you to refine your user experience to gain an edge over competitors.

How we conduct a UX design review

  1. We gather all possible information about the business, the product, customers, and competitors.
  2. Having information about competitors we conduct a competitive analysis of the product: compare its design with competitors’ products and create a list of features that may lack.
  3. We perform cognitive walkthroughs for the key product user-flows, analyze all pages and navigation for any issues and check the product for compliance with best design practices.
  4. We form the final report based on the conducted analysis with recommendations for improving user experience and overall product usability.
  5. In the end, we estimate the time and resources required to implement recommended improvements or create a product from scratch.

As an option, we conduct user testing for essential product flows and generate a report based on the obtained results. This technique allows us to identify the most valuable insights on how users interact with the product.

Each identified problem is evaluated according to the following criticality scale:

  • Minor - issues that don't hurt the user experience greatly but need to be fixed.
  • Major - must be fixed since they disturb your business goals and results.
  • Critical - must be fixed as soon as possible since they impact the overall usability and user experience.

The designer’s activities during a UX audit cover the following areas:

User Experience and User Interface

The RubyGarage design team reviews every website and app page for visual design cues and UX standards, measures product usability, and checks for compliance with common design principles and best practices.

Once the whole roadmap for improvements is clear, our team proceeds with implementing the recommendations you’ve approved. We fix all design issues and implement new features to improve product usability.

  1. UX

    • Information architecture
    • Navigation issues
    • Page hierarchy
    • Clear user flow
    • Adherence to platform guidelines
    • Alignment with common design patterns
    • Misleading UX solutions
    • Missing/extra elements
    • System feedback issues and bugs
    • Usability problems (heuristic evaluation across 10 UX dimensions to assess UX maturity)
  2. UI

    • Design inconsistencies
    • Incorrect alignment
    • Problems with scaling (such as fonts being too small)
    • Insufficient contrast
    • Mobile responsiveness

Competitors optional

Our team can also discover how to give your product a competitive advantage. During a UX audit, we can conduct market and competitor research to identify features your product might be lacking. By comparing your product with others on the market, we discover how to make it more appealing to users, add value to your brand, and stand out.

How we do NOT conduct UX Review:

  • Not knowing the entire product context
  • Not having enough data about product business goals and current product pain points
  • Not having enough data about the target audience and the competitors
  • Excluding any phases from our standard workflow
  • Reviewing only some screens of the product

We conduct a quality audit and provide effective recommendations for web and mobile products including SaaS, ERP, CMS, and other systems.

Product design at RubyGarage is research-driven

We have a rule at RubyGarage to start every project with thorough research. Whether it’s a design for a new product or an existing one, this approach draws our attention to every detail and allows us to find the best solutions to business problems. Our expertise is proven by 80+ satisfied clients around the world and 7 years of web and mobile application designs. Our clients appreciate our complex problem-solving approach and diverse experience across many fields.

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