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In need of quality assurance consulting services? The RubyGarage team assists companies in reducing costs, eliminating risks, and providing great user experiences. We focus on your project’s stability, detecting and fixing any type of issue affecting the quality of your product!
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When you need software QA consulting services

You don’t have a quality control process

Quality assurance testing managed by the development team eventually leads to missed bugs, since developers aren’t trained in specific quality control skills. Our experts push your app in different non-obvious directions to discover bugs you wouldn’t otherwise detect.

You lack specific quality assurance expertise

Think that your in-house quality assurance team could be much more efficient? We can increase the productivity of your team by automating manual testing activities.

You lack a structured quality assurance process

Is your quality assurance process not as effective as you would like? We help businesses structure their quality assurance processes to eliminate missed bugs, unclear responsibilities, miscommunication, and delayed releases.

You need to properly write documentation

Lack of proper test documentation causes many troubles, resulting in headaches in production and poor user experiences. Our quality assurance engineers can put your documentation and artifacts in order, helping you avoid non-structured testing.

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See how we assist our clients in reducing costs, eliminating risks, and providing great user experiences with our quality assurance consulting services.

A CRM for real estate

Box+Dice is a social CRM for real estate agencies. As we were working on multiple upgrades for the platform, our client wanted to reduce the time for testing. Our QA consultants implemented a time-effective testing flow that helped deliver a secure, bug-free solution.

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Design crowdsourcing marketplace

DesignBro is a marketplace for affordable high-quality design services. The app brings together customers and designers from all over the world. As we had to deliver the solution as soon as possible, our QA consultants organized a time-efficient testing flow to detect and fix bugs as soon as they appeared. This significantly improved product quality and streamlined the development process.

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A UK-based fashion marketplace

MilanStyle is an ecommerce platform that combines the online stores of world-famous clothing and accessories designers. We conducted a UX review to improve the customer shopping experience, redesigned existing pages and added new features to increase responsiveness and re-engage customers, and expanded the platform’s customer base by migrating to AWS.

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RubyGarage is your experienced and credible software testing & consulting partner

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Software QA consulting services at RubyGarage

Audit the current quality of your application

Our experts thoroughly investigate the current state of your application and its documentation, then perform exploratory testing.


  • Feature breakdown list
  • List of all identified bugs and issues


Our specialists review fixes completed on your side and confirm that all elements of the application work as expected.


  • Checklist demonstrating test coverage of the application
  • Detailed report on how the quality of the product has been improved

Audit of existing quality assurance processes

We carefully examine your existing quality assurance procedures to identify problems and possible solutions. Based on what we find, our experts develop an elaborate action plan and present it to you.


  • Detailed report on the current status of your quality assurance flow
  • Proven problem-solving plan to fill gaps and optimize testing performance

Set up new quality assurance processes

We implement our proposed solutions after you approve them, supervise the process, prevent possible problems, and address any issues that may arise.


  • Templates for quality assurance documentation
  • Training materials for your team

Ongoing support

We provide support through the entire product lifecycle to make sure the end result meets your business and user requirements.


  • Informative report on team performance
  • Tips to improve team performance and product quality

Why work with us?

We offer a full spectrum of services to deliver fast, easy, value-driven testing solutions. Over the years, we've gained extensive expertise in building reliably stable products.

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  • software qa consultant 8+ years in testing software
  • software qa consultant 90+ project delivered in diverse industries
  • software qa consultant Expertise in setting up Agile-based methodologies
  • software qa consultant Scaling testing without management hassles
  • software qa consultant Complete set of test automation tools

Be 100% sure your users have stable and bug-free software in their hands!

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