Hiring a dedicated team is a best option when you:

  • want to save time and money by avoiding setting up a new office, hiring separate professionals and managing their work
  • have a long-term project requiring constant technical attention and thus need a team always ready to fix any troubles just in case
  • would like to avoid diving deep into technical details and just need a product built with a set of specified functionality
  • need to be sure people on your project already have a positive reputation on the market and completed projects to show
  • already have a team working on your product, but want to extend it, either temporarily or a long-term basis, with a few more professionals

All the stuff that you can expect

from a top-notch web development company:

  • following Agile methodologies like SCRUM and Extreme Programming allows us to make extremely reliable and flexible products
  • sticking to the Lean approach, which results in releasing a product in iterations and increasing it business value gradually
  • 80+ successfully launched projects, which provided with a business perspective to help you make products that are wanted by your audience and profitable
  • a huge technology stack that we are experts in, which includes lots of languages, frameworks, libraries, database managers, testing tools and many more
  • also, we make offline courses for the local developer community to raise and find new Rails stars and also to help us gain even deeper expertise in web development

Why go with RubyGarage

  • Self-improvement

    Our guys are always looking into new technologies and tools to build great and reliable products even more effectively

  • Big staff

    We have over 40 people here at RubyGarage, so in case you need to temporarily increase a hired team, that won’t be a problem

  • Unified workflow

    Our experienced developers are following the same Agile workflow so you can be sure they work in the most effective way every day

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