Sprinklebit is a social investing platform helping people to learn how to trade, get used to the trading process via a simulator, and eventually buy and sell stocks on the real market and get access to insights and advice from trading experts and friends.

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The Problem

When the SprinkleBit CEO Alexander Wallin reached us, he already had a team and a working version of his service, but wanted to improve his development workflow, add more functionality and create an iOS mobile application.

Perfectly understanding his needs, Alexander Wallin has been partnering with us on outsourcing basis, meaning that we provided our developer force to help him move forward with his product.

The Solution

To improve the workflow, we set the new development practices in the client’s team based on the SCRUM framework and changed the whole approach to testing, logging errors and deploying the new versions of the product. That allowed the SprinkleBit team to regularly release updates with required functionality every two weeks.

The first version of the iOS application has been released in 6 months, but already included most of the functionality present in the web solution, including the market simulator and the ability to perform real transactions on the stock market. After the startup was promoted on TechCrunch, its clients started using the app actively and successfully making transactions on the market.

We have implemented the Test-Driven Development and Domain-Driven Design approaches to cut the time and resources required for quality assurance and improve the general product delivery workflow

We have been constantly refactoring the legacy code to make the product more stable, scalable and flexible for developers in terms of adding new functionality

Our future plans are to install MongoDB and ElasticSearch for collecting data like stock wall posts and tag searching inside any content.

We extended the server infrastructure from two to six machines to simplify the update delivery processes and at the same time make the product more fail-safe

We integrated the ELK stack for error logging purposes and RabbitMQ for parallel computing and delayed operation processing

UX Design Stage.
Wireframes and prototype.


As a trading platform taking advantage of the wisdom of the crowd, SprinkleBit has now over 10,000 users and raised a total of $13.5 million. The company is now moving its headquarters to New York City and has plans to bring even more functionality with our help, including possible support for more mobile platforms and devices.

Notable Challenges

To allow users place bids and buy/sell stocks, SprinkleBit required integrating with extremely complex API made by DAS, a leading direct access software company offering end-to-end electronic trading solutions for brokers and dealers.

Since SprinkleBit operates with real money, testing those functions required extreme accuracy, and creating a sandbox to imitate the unpredictable behaviour of the NASDAQ stock market or DAS was not an option

To make SprinkleBit a social trading platform,we included a lot of corresponding functions, including a real-time Facebook-like chat with challenging features like notifications, multiple chat windows within one screen, etc.

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