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Olga Yurovski, CEO of Shopperations



The Background Story

Marketing campaigns are driven by shopper and retail marketers who encourage shoppers to purchase goods and help stores promote their brands.

To report the results of their work, shopper and retail marketers use Excel files and PowerPoint presentations. But managing marketing information this way is inconvenient, bothersome, and tedious.

Olga Yurovski, a shopper marketer herself and the founder of Shopperations, decided to relieve marketers from the headaches of Excel and PowerPoint. She came up with the idea for Shopperations, an online planning and collaboration platform for shopper and retail marketers. Olga chose RubyGarage as her partner to implement this vision.


Shopperations is a Software as a Service product that helps shopper and retail marketers organize their workflow more efficiently than when they use generic software solutions such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

Shopperations facilitates and accelerates reporting and management of marketing data for shopper and retail marketers. Additionally, Shopperations simplifies communication between members of a marketing team.

RubyGarage developed multiple tabs – including Dashboard, Events, Budget, Invoices, and KPIs – to describe all aspects of a shopper and retail marketer’s work process. Shopperations facilitates effective communication among marketers directly in these tabs, and all communications are aggregated in the Discussion tab.

Shopperations satisfies the requirements of marketing departments in large companies as well as in marketing agencies.

Shopperations devices

Technology Stack

Notable Challenges

Event Tab

We developed advanced functionality to help marketers manage event data, including event status, estimated cost, reserved and allocated budgets, and actual spendings. We also added filtering and sorting options to help marketers sort through marketing events.

Advanced Graphics with Financial Statistics

We created numerous graphics for the Shopperations Dashboard to visualize company statistics by fiscal year(s).

Database Encryption

We used an attr_encrypted Ruby gem with a custom adapter for attributes encryption, and implemented Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256-bit keys to ensure high-level data security.

Single Sign-On Authentication

We implemented single sign-on authentication using the SAML 2.0 protocol, compatible with Microsoft ADFS, to transfer authentication data between identity and service providers.


We developed an advanced Calendar that follows the unique schedules of companies that work according to their own fiscal year.


Olga Yurovski

CEO of Shopperations

RubyGarage exceeded my expectations in many ways. As a first time, non-technical startup founder, I am happy to say that we had a drama-free collaboration. Their leadership and project managers are experienced and pragmatic; they understand startups and offered many helpful business suggestions. Their UX designer was superb and took my product vision to a completely new level. Their dedicated team of developers delivered a quality product on time and went out of their way to delight me as a customer.