As a web and mobile app development firm, we constantly perform code reviews. Not only it allows to find small errors before compiling the code, but also to make sure that the whole product architecture is implemented properly, and that there is no need for further optimization and refactoring. With 5 years of making products we perfectly know what kinds of issues we should look for when performing code audit.

Our free code review will be helpful in case:

  • your product hasn’t been updated for some time and you want to evaluate the efforts it requires to be properly updated
  • you have doubts in the quality of your product code and want to have a report what can be further improved or fixed
  • you need an external point of view to evaluate yourself or the developers working for you
  • you want to have the architecture review of your product on the implementation level

As a result of our work you will get a report and recommendations on what to do next with your code. We will also answer all the questions you might have regarding our work.

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