Social Voting Application for Market Validation


Vlad Gorodetsky, CTO at Zenit


USA, San Francisco

The Background Story

Our client, a marketing automation company from San Francisco, wanted to rethink the standard approach to market validation. They asked us to develop a tool that helps marketers perform field studies.

In consultation with RubyGarage, our client decided to create a tool to help businesses accelerate the market validation process, perform market validation globally, and get results efficiently.


To make this tool attractive and easy-to-use for the target audience of respondents and businesses, we built it as a social voting application called Vootex.

Vootex allows companies to test their ideas and products before releasing them and collect real market feedback on existing products to see areas for improvement.

Reach a Larger Audience

The idea of Vootex is to provide businesses with a platform that offers quick access to an active global audience that’s open to participating in polls and surveys.

Segment their Audience

Vootex enables companies to reach global audiences and segment their online focus groups depending on business needs. Vootex can segment participants based on numerous criteria: demographics, lifestyle, location, profession, interests, and more. Segmenting the target audience helps businesses engage only those groups of potential users whose opinions are the most significant for specific products and services.

Increase Survey Completion Rates

Vootex is easy and entertaining to use, which ensures that a high percentage of polls and surveys will be completed. The voting process in Vootex is based on best market research practices and allows companies to focus on products or services based on positive feedback.

Motivate their Audience

Similar to traditional market research approaches, Vootex helps businesses encourage respondents to participate by offering discounts, promo codes, special offers, gifts, or even cash payments.

Gather Data

Vootex allows companies to collect statistics and analyze data right after a survey ends. Based on this data, companies can perform further analysis of their products and services to extract business insights.

Technology stack

Notable Challenges

Scalable Architecture

Vootex intends to have a global reach. Therefore, the app needed to be scalable and cope with a large amount of data, including published media content and a growing amount of data about users and their interactions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

allows us to upgrade memory and boost the performance of the application as the number of users grows and the load increases. AWS is all set to perform automatic scaling through a toolset including EC2 Auto Scaling (for the web application).

RDS and CloudFront with Amazon S3

provide scaling for stored data, faster page loads, and accelerated content delivery. Due to globally distributed servers, CloudFront allows Vootex users to get data from an edge point close to them, and therefore get it fast.

Fully Functional Application

Single-page application (SPA)

approach provides dynamic and asynchronous page updates as users interact with the site. The SPA operates with no interrupts or re-uploads of user content and ensures the app runs fast.


iOS library we developed for Vootex is aimed for creating surveys and polls out of images, videos, and text instantly and efficiently. Vootex lets businesses use image and video content in polls, so it was essential to let users interact with an app on-the-go.

A user analytics algorithm we implemented allows business users to see real-time analytics. We chose a technology stack and architecture that allowed us to cope with a large amount of data. We also applied a design that displays analytics clearly and appealingly.

MongoDB allowed us to gather, aggregate, and update all interaction data and then display it to both business users and regular app users.

Integrations: Social Authentication

Facebook’s Omniauth allowed us to make the sign-in process fast and easy, as both business and individual accounts can be created by simply signing in via Facebook.

Facebook Graph API and Atlas API let us collect additional details about users from their Facebook profiles and then automatically add this data to users’ Vootex profiles. This information can be used by businesses to segment audiences.

Facebook Marketing API helped us provide business users with additional opportunities to engage their target audiences. The Marketing API is a Facebook advertising platform that allows you to post targeted ads. The Marketing API helped us to engage audiences right on Facebook, leading users to Vootex and inviting them to take a poll or survey.




The RubyGarage team definitely excels in technical approach. Working on the engineering side, RubyGarage offered the most efficient architecture solution for our application.

Another strong side this team demonstrated is business-orienting. Along with elegant technical solutions for big data storage and management, displaying detailed analytics, and ensuring security, RubyGarage handled all the design concept for our application. They came up with an idea how to wrap a market research tool into appealing and interactive social voting application.

Furthermore, ease of communication as well as willingness to keep in touch regularly and ensure timely deliverables, are priceless.

Overall, we would be happy to recommend RubyGarage in regards to their engineering experience, business-orienting, and professional attitude.

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