Exposure is a real-time analytics platform for offline marketing and event industry professionals. It unveils the effectiveness of marketing campaigns conducted by brands and provides detailed data on visitor behavior for event organizers.

The Problem

When events are conducted, their organizers and sponsors have no info on how visitors behave on the event’s territory, what they pay attention to and if they interact with different stands, tents, banners etc. Such data would allow organizers to optimize the effectiveness and visitor satisfaction on their events, while sponsors could measure ROI and figure out if it’s profitable for them to represent their brands on those events in the future.

When the CTO at Forge Special Projects Jeremy Rollinson had reached us for the first time, he had only the technology to collect the info on mobile devices carried by visitors and their movements. He required a web product to be made on top of it that would be able to process that data and provide useful stats.

The Solution

Having Wi-Fi device tracking sensors installed on the territory of the event, Exposure can retrieve the data from them and process it using an extremely complicated mathematical model to show the following statistics:

  1. how many people interact with a particular brand activation.
  2. how much time they spend learning the specific product/banner/stand.
  3. what zones are visited most.
  4. how many people visited the event.

Providing both real-time and historical analytics, Exposure lets event sponsors and organizers understand the visitor flow and make necessary changes to increase brand awareness and event performance.

We built a reliable Rails backend ready to collect huge amounts of data from sensors into a single Postgres database.

A separate version for retail was developed to aim
at small offline business owners and retail
networks; is able to collect data 24/7
and process it in real-time.

Thanks to partnering with Socifi, Exposure was customized to, if required, retrieve even more data about visitors from their social accounts and store it for targeting those visitors in case of future remarketing campaigns.

The collected data is processed in real time using a unique mathematical model (soon to be patented!), to allow users to see the current number of visitors at the place, the current average dwell time, the heatmap and other stats.

Exposure has also been customized to not only support specific Wi-Fi sensors, but also retrieve necessary data from such enterprise-level hardware as Cisco Meraki, Ruckus, Aruba and Xirrus.

UX Design Stage.
Wireframes and prototype.

Exposure allows event
sponsors and organizers to understand the visitor flow and make necessary changes to increase brand awareness and event performance.


The MVP version of Exposure was delivered in only 8 weeks and was immediately tested on the International Confex event numbering than 7,000 visitors. The successfully collected analytics showed the event organizers that they should add an extra floor dedicated to technology related content.

As of 2016, Exposure has already been successfully tested and used by such big market players as Honda, Red Bull, Lollapalooza, Confex and BrandFuel. After getting the data on the effectiveness of their brand exposures they’ve all been able to adjust their strategy and make new decisions leading to better ROI and effectiveness of their marketing/event-organizing activities.

At the end of February Exposure was also used to track visitor activity at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile event taking place annually in Barcelona. The solution had been tracking and processing around 2,500-3000 unique devices/visitors per second.

Notable Challenges

We replaced a previous proprietary and limited MySQL-based system collecting data from Wi-Fi sensors with a new solution based on a flexible PostgreSQL database.

Using ElasticSearch allowed Exposure to significantly speed up data processing and provide true real-time stats for users.

Setting up and using the AWS servers allowed us to quickly add up servers in case Exposure requires processing more data in real time than expected during big events.

The web analytics is highly dynamic and allows changing various parameters without page reloading thanks to the usage of D3.js and Chart.js Javascript libraries.

Exposure founder

Jeremy Rollinson

Exposuredb , CTO

The team at RubyGarage have played a critical role in the development of our analytics platform. Our work with them is based on a strong partnership, far more valuable than a traditional offshore development relationship. Their work is of an exceptionally high standard and the whole team regularly goes the extra mile to support our business. Whatever the challenge, be it technical or operational, RubyGarage have always delivered on time and on budget.

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