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Jeremy Rollinson, CTO at Forge Special Project



The Background Story

If you are in the event industry, you know how hard it is to make your events engaging, valuable and profitable. Whether you’re organizing a music festival or an industry conference, you need to make sure your event provides value to you, your attendees, and your exhibitors.

What if you knew how visitors experienced your event down to the tiniest detail? With a real time analytics system, you could see how visitors behave across your event’s territory, including what paths around the show floor they prefer, how they interact with concessions stands, and a lot more. With these data at your fingertips you could make your events successful and your attendees happy.

Jeremy Rollinson, CTO at Forge Special Projects, an event technology company, turned to RubyGarage to create such an analytics system.

“We are passionate about building technology that creates better events and our event analytics products help event organisers and exhibitors gather unique and meaningful data which will help measure the value of their marketing activity.”


Exposure Event Analytics is the first platform of its kind to deliver sophisticated physical space analytics to the events industry. Unlike RFID and iBeacon, Exposure works through a smartphone’s Wi-Fi network to gathers data on visitor behavior. The raw data detected by sensors via unique Wi-Fi beacons is then sent to an advanced cloud platform for analysis.

Exposure builds a picture of visitor movements, telling you the average visit time, most popular areas and routes, the amount of traffic a stand gets, how many people convert to engaged visitors, and more. You can access the platform and view your event statistics from any device.

With Exposure, organizers and exhibitors can get insights on how to increase brand awareness, improve visitor experience, and optimize ROI.

The platform has already been used at events organized by Honda, Red Bull, Lollapalooza, Confex and BrandFuel. At the end of February 2016, Exposure tracked visitor activity at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile event held in Barcelona. At MWC, Exposure tracked and processed around 2,500-3000 unique visitors per second.

Exposure event analytics devices

Technology Stack

Notable Challenges

Renewed database

We replaced a proprietary MySQL-based system with a new solution based on a flexible PostgreSQL database.

Implemented real-time analytics

With the help of ElasticSearch we significantly sped up data processing to provide real-time statistics for event organizers and exhibitors.

Set up the system for high-load

We set up AWS servers in a flexible way so we can quickly add new servers in case Exposure requires more processing powers for large events.

Built a dynamic user interface

The Exposure web analytics interface is highly dynamic. We used D3.js and Chart.js Javascript libraries to make it possible to update various parameters on the dashboard without waiting for the page to reload.

Exposure Analytics

Jeremy Rollinson

Forge Special Project. CTO

The team at RubyGarage have played a critical role in the development of our analytics platform. Our work with them is based on a strong partnership, far more valuable than a traditional offshore development relationship. Their work is of an exceptionally high standard and the whole team regularly goes the extra mile to support our business. Whatever the challenge, be it technical or operational, RubyGarage have always delivered on time and on budget.