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Nic Pantucci, Siasto Founder



The Background Story

It’s hard to develop collaboration and task management software that’s not only intuitive and flexible, but that can also compete against enterprise software such as Basecamp, Zoho, and Asana.

Siasto’s concept for team collaboration and task management might look very similar to what competitors provide. With Siasto, you can create projects, assign team members to those projects, add tasks, and upload spreadsheets and documents. But these features alone are unlikely to satisfy many project teams.

To make Siasto a genuinely advanced tool, Nic Pantucci, the founder of Siasto, worked with the RubyGarage team to update his product. Besides thorough refactoring and interface improvements, Siasto was also in need of integration with third-party services and a mobile version.

Now that we’ve polished up Siasto, Nic’s product is one step closer to receiving the accolade of best-in-class software for team collaboration and task management.


Siasto was already on the market when Nic Pantucci came to us. Nic only wanted to add several new features, but the project’s backend didn’t allow us to make safe customizations right away, meaning we risked breaking existing functionality by adding new features. For this reason, our first task was to cover the entire code with automated tests.

Writing automated tests took us around a week, after which we refactored all the code. Once we finished writing tests and refactoring, Siasto was ready to be customized.

We implemented a few new features in Siasto. Siasto users often communicate with others outside their own companies, and they need to save contact and company data for their clients. We made this possible by developing an online notebook.

Any collaboration tool must be integrated with third party services. In addition to integrating Siasto with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive, we also added support for ThinkFree – an online service that allows users to edit spreadsheets, documents, and presentations.

The Siasto iOS mobile application we developed from scratch.

Technology Stack

Notable Challenges

Automated Testing and Refactoring

We wrote automated tests and refactored Siasto so we could make changes to the project without breaking existing functionality.

Integration with Google Calendar

In order to synchronize tasks and events between Siasto and Google Calendar, we integrated Google Calendar support.

Integration with Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides

We added the possibility to create and edit Google spreadsheets and documents directly in Siasto. Siasto users can also import and export files to and from Google Drive.

Integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

In order to store immense amounts of data for Siasto users, we used Amazon S3 for centralized storage. All documents, events, and tasks created in Siasto are saved on Amazon S3.

API for Mobile Application of Siasto

We developed an Application Programming Interface to unleash the full potential of the web-based Siasto product on mobile devices, specifically on iOS.


Nic Pantucci

siasto Founder

Quite simply, I can't give the RubyGarage team high enough praise. Whatever I may manage to scribble down will totally fail to represent my admiration of their abilities, and so all I will say is that any opportunity to work with RubyGarage should be grasped with both hands.