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A Breakthrough Artists’ Market for Music, Film, Art, and Text


Christoffer Wallin, founder of Pindify



The Background Story

Being an artist is difficult. It’s challenging for the majority of artists to promote their content all by themselves. And it’s tough to find a producer or label that’s willing to be a sponsor. But thanks to Pindify’s marketplace platform, it’s now much easier for artists to make a living.

Christoffer Wallin is the founder of Pindify and is himself a musician. Christofer studied the market for promoting artistic works and found that there weren’t any marketplace services to help creative people get known and earn money.

Christofer came to RubyGarage to implement his idea for a marketplace for creatives and their work. RubyGarage developed both web and mobile applications for Pindify.


Pindify is a breakthrough marketplace that lets artists publicize and sell their creative content. Pindify allows musicians, videographers, photographers, visual artists, and writers to upload and manage their portfolios.

Pindify provides accounts for four types of users: general users, subscribers, merchants, and publishers. General users and subscribers simply consume the content uploaded by artists. Merchants and publishers can earn money by uploading and distributing their content. For general users and subscribers, Pindify provides functionality to search for, like, share, comment, pin, and view any artwork, and to follow artists. Artists, both amateurs and professionals, can make their artwork private or public, unite with other artists, and earn money on the platform.

Pindify categorizes works of art so it’s easier to browse content. Individual works are presented as stand-alone cards with a short description along with controls to let listen to music and watch videos directly in cards. Pindify’s advanced filtering options help users find wares by period, category and subcategory, location, tags, and even moods.

Pindify offers the fullest experience when using their web platform on a desktop. But the marketplace is also available as a mobile website and an iOS application.

Notable Challenges

Highly Dynamic Frontend Interface

We developed a smooth frontend interface with the help of the AngularJS framework. We used PubSubJS as a replacement for the standard AngularJS event dispatcher. We also switched to one-way data binding to ensure high interface responsiveness.

Audio & Video Playback and Social Media Features

We customized ready solutions, such as AngularJS Music Player, and wrote vanilla JavaScript to implement audio and video playback and social media features directly in cards.

Content Cards Grid

We developed a dynamic layout grid for cards to appropriately arrange them when the browser window is resized. To implement a flexible grid, we used the Masonry JavaScript library.

Mobile Version

We used the BackBone.js framework to develop a mobile version of Pindify, and Marionette.js to increase our development speed when working with Backbone.js.


Christoffer Wallin

Pindify, Founder

Quality, Dedication, Skill, Innovation, Awareness, Communication, Infrastructure, Support, and Documentation are the 9 reference-points I include in every hour per price. No other company comes even close to the numbers RubyGarage represents.