NZXT is a California-based manufacturer of computer components, such as computer cases, cooling devices and power devices. Their target market is mostly low-end PC enthusiasts.


The company had a web storefront built via Shopify that was limiting them in their marketing and optimization experiments. It was decided to create a new ecommerce site from the ground up that would be much easier to customize and support.


Since the current solution was already generating revenue, it was decided that a new estore should be launched in parallel and be tightly integrated with Shopify's administrator panel. Using such approach, NZXT could easily handle orders from both sites in one place.

Once it was checked that the new estore works fine and is easy-to-use for the company's customers, the new, completely separate and Shopify-independent admin panel was introduced, which allowed the company to refuse from using their previous solution at all.

We were responsible for the new site in all possible senses. Our UI/UX designers created a completely new design, while the developers not only developed the final solution, but also took care of the migration process.


The new fully customized estore was built from the ground up in only two months.
The team consisted of one designer, one HTML/CSS coder and two developers.
The solution is currently actively used by the company to sell its products on the Internet.

Notable challenges

To make a new solution tightly integrated with the currently used Shopify-based store, we extensively used its API, and in the end it turned to be a pretty laborious task.

To quickly deliver the new admin panel we turned to ActiveAdmin, and the authorization system allowing users to sign up via numerous applications is delivered via SSO.

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