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Ruby/RoR Developer

At RubyGarage, we don't just develop software; we strive to solve the most complex and intriguing challenges in the tech world today. As an experienced Ruby/Rails Developer, you'll have the opportunity to create groundbreaking applications from the ground up and revitalize existing web apps. With a focus on best programming practices and code quality, we're looking for someone who doesn't just code but elevates the craft of software development.
Ruby/RoR Developer


  • Developing solutions and algorithms according to the technical specifications or other requirements documentation
  • Writing program code according to the defined application architecture
  • Analyzing application code and design to identify and eliminate technical issues
  • Testing applications, writing unit, and functional tests while following company standards and industry best practices
  • Identifying code smells and refactoring code using design patterns and accepted standards
  • Estimating tasks and working to meet deadlines, reporting promptly on any necessary rescheduling or changes to deadlines
  • Designing, developing, supporting Ruby/Ruby on Rails web application and Database architecture
  • Reviewing code and sharing honest feedback regarding architectural solutions implemented by other developers
  • Deploying applications to the staging and production servers
  • Using Git and GitHub to control and manage source code while following GitFlow standards
  • Preparing API documentation


  • At least 1.5 years of experience in commercial web application developers
  • Experience with OOP, Classes and objects structure, Metaprogramming, RubyGems
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails (MVC, Security, Configuration, Caching)
  • Experience with Rails architecture (Practical use of design patterns in Rails application, Form object, Service object, Query object, Decorator, etc.)
  • Experience with Automation testing (RSpec, Matchers, Stubs, Mocks, Database Cleaner, FactoryBot, Faker, Webmock, Capybara, WebKit)
  • Experience with Ruby gems & Rails plugins (Trailblazer, Dry-rb, Devise, Pundit, ActiveAdmin, Spree, etc.)
  • Experience with Relational databases (SQL, Database index and full-text index, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (Key-value, document-oriented, graph databases and search engines, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch)
  • Experience with DevOps (SSH, AWS, Docker, Terraform, CI, Nginx, Puma, Monit, NewRelic, Static code analysis)
  • Experience with Web app architecture (Monolith, Microservices)

We propose

  • Innovation from day one
  • Cutting-edge tech stack
  • Unparalleled career progression
  • Dynamic learning environment
  • Remote work opportunity
  • Flexibility and work-life balance
  • Collaborative culture
  • Global impact

Why you?

Are you more than just a coder? Do you see yourself as a tech visionary eager to make a real-world impact? If you're passionate about clean code, continuous learning, and transformative projects, you're the game-changer we're looking for. Join RubyGarage and transition from a developer to a tech innovator who defines the industry. Apply now to build something extraordinary with us!


Seize the opportunity to work on groundbreaking, high-tech projects that are shaping the future. At RubyGarage, you're not just another developer—you're an integral part of a team driving technological innovation. Don't settle for ordinary; strive for extraordinary. Come craft software that matters, expand your skill set, and make a genuine impact. Take the first step in your journey to becoming a tech leader—apply to RubyGarage today!

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Make an impact on
your income

We are focused on the result.
You will have a salary review based on your achievements every six months.

Follow convenient

We follow convenient processes with a clear split of roles. You will always know your scope of responsibilities and won’t engage in multitasking.

Improve your

We offer mentoring, the personal development plan, and various learning opportunities for our employees.

Work with

We take care of our team. Gifts for the holidays, an extended vacation, and a friendly atmosphere you want to return are waiting for you.

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We support cross-functionality and constantly share experiences between different teams.


You can grow both in your specialty and change the direction of activity. We always support you!

We are happy to discover new talents. Want to join a dedicated and friendly team?

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What’s next?

  1. We will carefully review your professional experience to determine the best career opportunity within RubyGarage.
  2. The Talent Acquisition Specialist will arrange a meeting to present your personal career opportunity. They will introduce RubyGarage as a company and tell you about our cooperation benefits, qualifications, and financial development.
  3. We will support you from the first touch till the final job offer - we value every applicant, regardless of position.