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OnDuty, developed by RubyGarage, is a streamlined online marketplace connecting local service providers and consumers for home-related tasks. It enables users to discover services, review profiles, and securely book suitable providers. For providers, it’s an opportunity to highlight their skills, expand their reach, and enhance their business. It epitomizes ease, security, and user-friendliness in managing everyday home tasks.

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The challenges that
shaped OnDuty’s success

Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation vision 2030 program manager, Naxy Nwodo, tasked RubyGarage to create OnDuty, an online services marketplace. The objective was to easily connect customers with local service providers for various home tasks, saving time and effort. Quality assurance was crucial, demanding a system to ensure the reliability of services, like a robust review system or a stringent provider vetting process.

The marketplace had to ensure secure transactions, protect customer data, and incorporate a dependable payment system. It also needed to foster price transparency, allowing customers to compare service providers, offer flexible booking options, and host a broad array of services. Exceptional customer service, coupled with a fair dispute resolution process, was essential for a seamless user experience.

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Here’s how we addressed it:

User needs

Conducted market research and user analysis to understand the needs and behaviors of service providers and consumers.

User-friendly interface

Created an intuitive, accessible platform for users of all technical backgrounds.

Custom features

Developed tailored features to meet the requirements of our online marketplace.

Data security and privacy

Implemented robust security measures and privacy protocols to protect user data and comply with regulations.

Scalability planning

Designed the platform to accommodate future growth in users, traffic, and data volume.

Third-party integration

Seamlessly integrated payment gateways and communication tools to enhance functionality.

Quality assurance

Thoroughly tested all features to ensure a smooth user experience.

Time and resource management

Effectively allocated time and resources while maintaining high-quality standards within the project timeline and budget.

Craft your online marketplace

Partner with RubyGarage to create a platform connecting home service providers and consumers effectively and seamlessly.

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Features we developed

User registration and profile management

We made it easy for service providers and customers to create, customize, and manage profiles. Providers can share information like skills, rates, and availability, while customers can save preferences and manage bookings.

User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management
User registration and profile management

Charting the course to OnDuty’s vision

Our project development journey:

Starting with a comprehensive discovery phase, the team delved deep into the platform’s vision, aligning strategies with key stakeholders to pinpoint unique requirements.
Discovery phase
Transitioning to planning and scoping, our attention centered around OnDuty’s objectives, sketching a roadmap that defined project scope, set clear milestones, and fostered team alignment. Our mission? Bring the envisioned marketplace to life!
Planning and scoping
Customization and configuration followed, where we tailored our service marketplace solution to OnDuty’s specific needs, branding, and preferences. We meticulously aligned every detail with platform features and third-party integrations.
Customization and configuration
During the custom feature development phase, we went the extra mile, creating standout features like a robust search and filtering system, intuitive booking module, and a secure payment gateway.
Custom feature development
Brand identity incorporation saw us blend OnDuty’s brand elements, creating a visually compelling user experience rich in color, typography, and unique style.
Brand identity incorporation
Quality assurance then took center stage. Our team conducted rigorous testing, scrutinizing every performance, reliability, and security facet, ensuring an exceptional user experience.
Quality assurance
As we transitioned to deployment and launch support, our role morphed from creators to guides, facilitating the platform’s launch, ensuring a smooth infrastructure setup and data migration.
Deployment and launch support
Finally, we equipped the OnDuty team with extensive training and documentation, giving them the confidence and knowledge to manage their platform effectively.
Training and documentation

Milestones and results:

Unfailing project delivery

Adhering to a meticulous project plan, RubyGarage delivered OnDuty on schedule, meeting all established milestones.

Tailored features

Distinctive features, including a powerful search engine, user-friendly booking system, and secure payments were crafted and integrated, amplifying OnDuty’s uniqueness.

Cohesive brand incorporation

We seamlessly blended OnDuty’s brand elements, delivering a visually appealing and consistent user experience.

Rigorous quality checks

Through thorough testing, we ensured optimal performance, reliability, and security, enhancing user confidence in the platform.

Smooth deployment

We facilitated a successful launch, offering indispensable support during setup, data migration, and deployment stages.

Enabling operation

We provided extensive training and documentation, bolstering the OnDuty team’s ability to manage their platform.

Winning user approval

OnDuty’s positive reception post-launch highlights RubyGarage’s successful development efforts, with users praising the platform’s intuitive design and robust features.

Accelerated business expansion

RubyGarage’s successful execution has propelled OnDuty’s growth, marking an upswing in registered users, transactions, and overall user engagement.

Elevate providers, serve consumers

Develop a dynamic platform that not only enables service providers to showcase their prowess and broaden their reach, but also provides consumers with a convenient solution to find and book home services.

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Technology Stack


React Router
Redux Saga
Redux Thunk


Ruby on rails
Factory Bot





File upload:


APIs & integrations:


Admin panel:


Real-time communication:


Email delivery:

Send Grid

Error and performance:

New Relic

Search and geolocation:


Payment processing:

Stripe API
Stripe Ruby gem

Cloud Services and infrastructure:

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Containerization and orchestration:


Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD):


Development workflow:


Our client’s feedback

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Naxy Nwodo

Project Lead, OnDuty

Working with RubyGarage on the OnDuty project has been a phenomenal experience. Their technical proficiency, commitment to our vision, and proactive problem-solving approach significantly contributed to the platform’s success. From their expertise in Ruby on Rails and React.js to their excellent project management skills, RubyGarage has exceeded expectations in every aspect. They have been integral in driving digital transformation in Saudi Arabia’s home services sector, aligning perfectly with Vision 2030. I highly recommend RubyGarage for their top-notch software development services.

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