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Core Technologies

Ruby on Rails


AirPMD is a digital space where patients can receive virtual medical care. They can schedule online visits, get diagnoses and treatments, and search for budget-friendly healthcare services. AirPMD connects patients with doctors, nurses, therapists, and many other medical specialists who are ready to help.

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Background and Challenges

Dr. Adam Douglas felt discouraged by the limitations of how patients receive healthcare services. He saw patients living in rural and low-income areas, and those people had very few opportunities to visit healthcare centers. He knew they had to travel long distances to see a medical specialist. Many couldn’t afford the cost of medical care or had to wait their turn for months.

Dr. Douglas wanted to help patients from various locations with various incomes quickly find medical specialists, connect with them, and enjoy high-quality services. He teamed up with colleagues who shared his vision to create an online marketplace. The platform would help people get the timely medical care they need at a price they could afford.

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To bring this product idea to life, our client reached out to RubyGarage.

Our team took on the challenge to help proactive medical professionals make healthcare more accessible.

product idea

Our team needed to:

make a basic version of the platform
create an intuitive interface
keep patients’ private health information safe from cyberattacks and data leaks
follow all legal requirements for healthcare and privacy, such as HIPAA and GDPR
make the platform work with healthcare software like electronic health records (EHR) and billing systems
make sure patients get high-quality medical care via the platform
build a scalable platform to handle increased traffic, data storage, and processing requirements
allow patients to use various payment methods

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Overview of key features

Provider search and directory

Searching, comparing, and choosing healthcare providers is simple with AirPMD. Patients can filter their choices by specialization, location, experience, or patient reviews.

Provider search and directory
Provider search and directory
Provider search and directory
Provider search and directory
Provider search and directory
Provider search and directory
Provider search and directory


We did in-depth market research to see what similar products existed and understand what challenges we might face (like regulatory compliance, data security, and integration with existing healthcare systems). We engaged with potential future users to learn their real wants and needs. Our team gathered all the insights needed to design a product that would fit the audience.
Research and planning
We figured out what features would make the platform valuable for users while keeping it easy to use. We focused on creating a marketplace where patients could easily find medical specialists, make appointments, talk to doctors online, and keep track of their health records.
Product ideation
Our experienced designers crafted simple and intuitive wireframes and prototypes. They made the product easy to use for both patients and providers. Using feedback from early adopters, they tried out multiple designs and kept refining the interface until creating the best one that met our high standards.
UI/UX design
Our team followed best engineering practices in building an MVP with core features (including telemedicine, provider search, appointment scheduling, and basic EHR integration). They communicated regularly with the client, updating them on changes.
As we built the product, we checked if it was safe and aligned with Security and Compliance standards and HIPAA and GDPR privacy rules. We consulted with legal experts, used strong encryption to protect personal information, and regularly checked the platform to detect and fix possible security issues.
Security and compliance
We worked with EHR vendors, billing system providers, and other healthcare software companies to build APIs and data formats that would allow for seamless integration with other healthcare systems and a better user experience.
After six months of working hard, we reached the Testing and Quality Assurance phase. Our team ran functional, performance, and security tests and successfully detected and fixed issues. We also ran a beta test with a select group of users, gathered feedback, and then fine-tuned the platform before release.
QA and testing
We felt proud of what we had made and how the new marketplace could help people. We were sure it would change the way patients and healthcare providers connect. After the release, the platform started gaining traction. It changed the way the provision of healthcare services worked. We kept working to make the marketplace even better. We helped our client keep it running smoothly and added more features.

We achieved these results:

Developed a cost-efficient MVP by integrating core features and staying in touch with the client.
Designed a user-friendly interface and excellent user experience for both patients and healthcare providers.
Used strong encryption, secure data storage, and access controls to protect personal information.
Aligned the product with HIPAA and GDPR rules, telemedicine regulations, and medical licensing requirements.
Worked with EHR vendors and billing system providers to develop APIs and data formats.
Used best practices and guidelines to enable high-quality remote medical services.
Created a game-changing platform by using modern and scalable technologies.
Integrated popular payment gateways and made using popular payment options possible.

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Technology Stack

We selected a technology stack that combines the modern Ruby on Rails framework with Ruby gems and approaches along with powerful frontend and other supporting technologies.




Ruby on rails



Authentication and Authorization:


Provider Search and Directory:


Appointment Scheduling and Management:

Google Calendar API



Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration:


Patient and Provider Communication:

Action Cable

Cloud Services and Infrastructure:


Containerization and Orchestration:


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):


Billing and Insurance Processing:

Stripe API
Stripe Ruby gem
Eligible API

Prescription Management:

e-Prescribing APIs help integrate third-party APIs for secure electronic prescription management and transmission.

Remote Patient Monitoring:

Integration with wearable devices and health monitoring systems is available using their respective APIs to remotely collect and analyze health data.

Health Education and Resources:

The technology stack allows for integration with third-party health content providers to provide educational resources and materials.

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