When you approach a new project in business, you usually make it in a waterfall manner: build a plan, try to stick to it until something fails to be done, make a new plan, and so on, spending too much time on ineffective management.

Software development is different. In RubyGarage, we follow the Lean approach to save your money on ineffective management and Agile methodologies to deliver a solution that not just works, but is wanted by your users.

Using this techniques we are able to release a first stable working product having a business value within weeks, not months. And while you start generating revenue, we add more and more functionality every couple of weeks.

As a result, you get the flexibility allowing you to quickly adjust to the always-changing market and the ability to spend the minimum amount of money and time to turn your idea into a working product.

Product delivery is a great choice when you:

  • want to create a brand-new product from scratch
  • require the help of not only developers, but also software architects, designers, etc.
  • have limited resources and don’t want to pay for a full time team
  • prefer to focus on marketing, not on controlling the development process
  • desire to bring a valuable product quickly and effectively (Lean approach)

Why deliver products with RubyGarage

  • Business expertise

    Nothing is more valuable than experience. We’ve done 80+ successful solutions and ready to share that expertise to help you deliver the best product possible.

  • Lean approach

    We release a new version of the product each 2-4 weeks, which means you can quickly check new hypothesis and adjust your product to market’s needs.

  • Immediate reliability

    We avoid code smells and perform code reviews to be perfectly sure our software is reliable out of the box and doesn’t require further refactoring.

  • Technology stack

    We are experts in 20+ technologies and in even a bigger number of development tools. Such stack allows delivering all kinds of web and mobile software you may want.

  • Open source

    We prefer using open source tools like Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and many more as they are free and have big communities constantly improving them.

  • Shared success

    We believe your success is our success, so we are aimed not to maximize the number of hours spent, but to deliver a great and demanded product that we both can be proud of.

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