Why RubyGarage

We are a web and mobile development company, and today every web solution and mobile application requires constant attention, improvement and maintenance. So we never stop growing to be able to take new long-term projects. As a result, our tech-savvy HR managers have hired over 40 top-notch professionals for RubyGarage over the last 5 years. And now…

  • They perfectly know where to find the best specialists,
  • They know what candidates must know for you to succeed,
  • They know how to pick the best of the best...

...and they are ready to apply these skills and experience to help you.

How do we work

This is where we come in.
Our Hiring Help service include

  • looking for the professionals you require
  • contacting and headhunting them
  • evaluating and interviewing them
  • suggesting the best candidates for you

When you want to have the maximum control over people working on your products, the best option is to hire top-notch specialists and make them work solely for you.

But it can take months to find a great team of highly professional developers, designers and QA specialists that will be inspired by your product and be able to make it flawless. Moreover, you will need to know what kind of professionals you’re looking for, and evaluate their skills somehow.

Other than that,
consider our:

  • Experience

    We know how to properly build and deliver successful products, so we look for developers that know about Scrum, Extreme Programming, and other Agile methodologies

  • User orientation

    We follow Human-Centered Design as the only approach allowing to create easy-to-use and intuitive products, so we require designers we’re hiring for you to know it too

  • Teaching experience

    We run Ruby on Rails courses annually for over 5 years, have attestation programs to evaluate newcomers and require our professionals to learn something new every month

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