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What’s Included in functional testing services

The RubyGarage QA department offers the following functional software testing services:

Smoke testing

This QA process is the starting point for functional testing. Smoke testing checks the readiness and stability of the application for further QA activities.

Regression testing

Each time a new feature is implemented, regression tests should be run to be sure that all existing features weren’t affected unexpectedly.

User interface testing

The user interface (UI) is the visual part of the software. During user interface testing, our team checks whether UI elements meet the requirements and how users interact with them.

User acceptance testing

This form of testing is about understanding if the application meets the expectations of real users.

Functional test automation

Thanks to automation of functional testing, we can run QA activities concurrently with development. This helps increase overall development performance.

Android and iOS app assessment

Mobile apps must properly display on various devices and configurations. RubyGarage uses a wide range of devices and simulators for accurate Android and iOS app quality assurance.

Exploratory testing

This is a way to measure a system’s capability to handle a variety of scenarios, from common to complicated.

See our recent functional testing projects

Check out some of our recent projects that have included functional testing activities:

A Social Voting Application for Market Validation

The development of Vootex, a social voting application, included a heavy QA part before the initial release. Thanks to our QA team, the software is free of significant bugs. Occupying a quite competitive niche, Vootex stays demanding.

View project

An iOS App with a Moon Age Calculator

MoonAge is the first calculator of its kind. A unique and complicated backend required a wide range of tests to prove its correct work. The team offered a plan covering all the testing needs and then followed this plan. Thanks to polished design and functionality, the app gain mostly positive feedback.

View project

A Marketplace Where Creative Artists Meet Their Fans

Pindify is a perfectly polished creators’ market for art, text, film, and music. Created for a rather demanding audience, Pindify must be free of flaws to secure their sympathy. A marketplace now keeps growing. What stands the best evidence of the QA team’s success.

View project

Benefits of RubyGarage
functional testing services


Having sufficient experience and steady processes, RubyGarage provides both reasonable rates and a level of service that’s optimal for your needs.

Quick results

We can typically detect the biggest bugs fast, making your software far better.

Continuous testing

Thanks to automation, the QA process runs continuously, making development smoother and less risky.

Regression testing approach

Regression testing means running some QA activities repeatedly to attain better user satisfaction.

Extensive testing capabilities

We have enough resources to quickly expand or scale your testing needs.

Data protection

Our QA processes are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Why work with the RubyGarage QA department?

The RubyGarage QA department is a provider of high-quality services. Our QA team:

  • Is ISTQB® certified
  • Has ISO 27001 certification
  • Provides scaling testing without management hassles
  • Has a complete set of test automation tools
  • Has 8+ years in testing software
  • Finished 90+ project delivered in diverse industries
  • Employ the best practices in QA testing services

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in functional testing services. Let’s discuss your needs.

Service Phases

The functional testing services employed by RubyGarage includes:

  • Requirements gathering

    First of all, our QA team must clearly define your business requirements.

  • Test plan preparation

    Understanding your requirements, our specialists design a plan of testing activities that are necessary and sufficient for your project.

  • Test case design

    Once the test plan is ready and approved, our team decomposes it into separate test cases.

  • Input data creation

    For testing specific features, certain inputs must be prepared prior to the start of testing.

  • Test case execution

    Now, it’s time to execute all planned test cases.

  • Results validation

    We validate testing results by comparing them with the expected outcomes.

  • Defect logging

    Defect logging is the process of identifying the differences between actual and expected results.

Functional testing tools

Zephyr for Jira

Still in doubt? Let’s find out why your app needs functional testing services

Through the functional testing process, our QA team verifies the relevance of the software requirements specification (SRS) to the real feature set. This is an essential part of pre-release preparation with the following outcomes:

  • Increase product quality

    Quality issues are often not caught until it’s too late because testing is typically reserved until the end of a project’s design phase. If functional testing is performed early on, however, it can help you avoid potential issues from the start.

  • Achieve higher customer satisfaction

    The fewer bugs your end users see, the higher their satisfaction. To ensure customer satisfaction, testing must also take into account how users interact with a web application.

  • Match expectations

    When developing a product, requirements change. Functional testing helps product managers make sure that the developed product matches their expectations and their customers’ expectations.

  • Reduce risks

    Delivering software with insufficiently tested features carries serious risks, up to the crash of the business. Thorough functional testing reduces the risks of failed software releases.

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