For the last 5+ years we have released over 80 working products and got expertise
in all things related to web and mobile development:

  • How to pick the best tools for each and every project
  • How to build the most effective product delivery workflow
  • How to keep in line with users’ expectations and constantly deliver value
  • How to perform the existing website audit and quickly take it over

Our tech audit will help you:

  • Find a key performance problem

    Sometimes your solution may perform not so well due to a single bottleneck: an improperly set MySQL database, a third-party library that causes memory leaks or just a slow server that you’re using for hosting your data. Our audit will help you reveal that as well.

  • Migrate to new technologies

    Migrating to new advanced languages and cutting-edge technologies can make your solution easier to scale and maintain. Your developers will spend less time on implementing new features or updating the existing functionality.

  • Pick the better tools

    In many cases when you need to build a new product or service from scratch, you can save a huge amount of time by turning to already existing tools that allow to bring the required functionality fast and are proved to be extremely reliable in case of high loads.

  • Modernize your solution

    Earlier developed mobile applications often require cloud support for data synchronization over various devices, integration with social networks and other popular features in order to remain attractive and valuable for its existing and new users.

Provide us with details on your project to:

  • find its vulnerabilities and security issues
  • review its architecture and performance
  • pick the best technology stack to use or migrate to
  • check its readiness for newer functionality
  • learn how it can be further improved and/or optimized
  • see how it can be even more useful its users

Now what?

Start with taking advantage of one of our three completely
FREE consulting services aimed to help you with smaller problems and issues:

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