RubyGarage was founded because we, just another web and mobile development team back then, didn’t like forcing clients to pay for as many hours as possible as in most companies. We wanted to help others make successful products.

So we adopted the Lean approach and learned how to quickly create flexible solutions that address users’ needs and bring real business value. Then we kept learning what was happening next with products: how they have been met on the market, promoted and further maintained and improved.

Take advantage of the free business consulting services
from RubyGarage in case you want to:

  • pivot your product but not sure how to do it properly
  • pitch your idea to investors and business angels and get money
  • improve or review the monetization strategy for your solution
  • reduce the costs required to make and implement your product
  • better understand your target audience, its problems and expectations
  • review and audit the effectiveness of your current business processes
  • simply get a fresh look on your business strategy and market understanding

As a result of our work you will get a report and recommendations on what to do next with your idea or product.
We will also answer all the questions you might have regarding our work.

After 5 years of work and
over 80 successfully released products, we’re ready
to share our expertise with you for free.

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