Medshop Express

Medshop Express is a US-based online store offering medicines and health products for people of all ages. Established in 2002, it also offers household items, toys, games and many more. As a result, the shop has a big number of daily visitors and orders.


The company decided to move from the previously used Yahoo platform to a more flexible and customizable solution.


Within two month our Rubygarage team, consisting of 4 people, delivered a completely new solution based on Spree.


Our involved team consists of one designer, one HTML/CSS coder and two web developers. We are responsible for both the design and the functionality. The new solution was successfully rolled out within two months.


The new estore is heavily customized: it is integrated with a few external systems, has a revamped checkout process implemented in one single page, and allows wholesale shopping. A new multi-level marketing system is going to be introduced soon as well.

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