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Medshop Express

An online drugstore for healthcare and beauty


Alex Fazelli, Founder of ArtDeco


California, USA

The Background Story

Alex Fazelli ‒ the founder‒ has had MedShop store since 2002. MedShop is an ultimate drugstore which offers healthcare products like medicine, dietary supplements, bath and body products, baby goods and more. Even though, the online store successfully served its customers, Alex was dissatisfied with the current platform Medshop ran on. We’ve fruitfully collaborated with Alex to develop a cost-effective solution for a MedShop.


An old version of Medshop has run on a SaaS solution since 2002. A customer was dissatisfied with its functionality because it didn’t allow him to customize a referral program, integrations, interface and more. SaaS solution was ineffective for clients conversion as well.

Considering client’s preferences, we offered Spree Commerce as an ecommerce platform. We chose Spree for a good reason: it’s a free platform which is flexible enough to customize thanks to plenty of available ‒ and free ‒ plugins and to support in the future. Since 2002 year old version of medshop already has accumulated great database of customers, their orders and products. The main emphasis during transfer of Medshop was put exactly on transferring of the old data related to customers, orders and URL mappings as these are the most essential data for any e-commerce product owner in order to keep old customers on board.

As a result we’ve transferred around 230.000 of user profiles and all their placed orders from a previous store to the Spree platform as well as set up redirects from previous URLs. In addition to it one of Medshop features is that the great number of products were transferred from the old version of Medshop and filled with the new items. Current number of products in Medshop is over 50.000 of items. We’ve also implemented numerous integrations which allowed a store owner to manage and track shipping of orders, handle payments via PayPal and Stripe, implement customer support, forum and more.


RubyGarage team implemented a number of integrations that offer effective tools for website performance monitoring, bug tracking, payments management, shipping management, social media integrations, customer support, and more.


Stripe & PayPal — handle payments within the shop and let the main account owner manage all transactions.

PayPal Payouts API — a PayPal service that lets you send money directly to PayPal accounts for rewards earned within the system by participants of the Rewards Program.

Performance and Bug Tracking

New Relic — performance management tool for monitoring application performance and fixing vulnerabilities.

Airbrake — bug tracking tool. Airbrake allows developers to note the place where bugs occur and fix them.

Shipping Services

UPS & Fedex — worldwide shipping services for returns. UPS and Fedex charge fees based on shipping address and order details.

Shipstation — shipping software for managing orders imported from Spree.


Facebook Login — quick login with Facebook accounts.

ShareThis — a platform that allows customers to share information about products via social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Juicer — pulls posts from social media accounts.

Klaviyo — email marketing platform for sending promotions and functional email notifications to customers.

Product Reviews

Yotpo — generates reviews, questions and answers about products.

Customer Support

Zendesk — cloud-based customer support platform that allows website owners to easily interact with customers to provide support.

Notable Challenges

Data Transfer

Any time you move an online store from one platform to another, there’s loads of data that need to be moved safely. We transferred around 230,000 user profiles and associated orders from the previous version of the store to the new Spree platform while completely retaining URL mappings of products. URL mappings now redirect users to the products on the new website or, if the product is out of stock, redirect users to the product’s category where they can find an alternative.

In addition to products that were transferred from the old version of Medshop, we filled the website with a host of new products. Medshop now has over 50,000 items in stock.

Minimizing MedShop’s Downtime

While migrating MedShop to Spree, we aimed to minimize the store’s downtime so customers wouldn’t notice any changes in how Medshop worked and could continue shopping on the site. Here are key steps we took to ensure a smooth migration. First, we prepared our environment by setting up an Amazon EC2 Instance. Next, we imported products, customers, orders, and subscriptions to the server. Finally, we configured Amazon Route 53 to redirect users to Medshop’s new domain name under the instance created in the AWS infrastructure. As a result, MedShop was successfully transferred to the new platform with minimal time expenditures.