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Richard McLaren and Andy Simpson, Co-Founders of Hinterview



The Background Story

The interview process has never been easy, either for recruiters or candidates. To make it easier, a small group of experienced recruiters from London, led by Richard McLaren and Andy Simpson, decided to create their own solution called Hinterview. Hinterview attempts to shorten the recruitment process using video technologies.

Here’s how it works: a recruiter invites a candidate for a video interview session via email or sends them a direct link. This interview is recorded. The recruiter can also make bookmarks in recorded video sessions so they can easily jump back to a specific point in the interview. If the recruiter has any additional questions after the video session is over, they can ask the candidate to give video answers to them. The recruiter can watch these recorded answers at any time on the candidate’s page in Hinterview.

When Richard and Andy reached out to RubyGarage they already had their project in production, but they still needed to implement a redesign and add more functionality to the platform. Hinterview worked with us to make their recruitment solution even more secure and comprehensive.


First, our HTML/CSS developer implemented the redesign of the whole website provided by our clients, and right after that we proceeded with backend improvements. To make the existing product more stable, we added a number of new features and made several fixes related to recording videos; managing users: candidates, managers, and clients; and profile settings. We also used the Sidekiq gem for time-consuming tasks such as video information decoding and file conversions behind the scenes.

We implemented four new functionalities in Hinterview: video progress tracking to let recruiters check if managers have watched a video interview; manager campaigns that allow recruiters to share a candidate's information with managers; the possibility for job candidates to create different public profiles for different positions; and improvements to the video session flow including checking for the availability of a video recording device, checking internet connection bandwidth, and capturing a candidate’s profile picture.

Hinterview is currently one of the world's fastest-growing platforms designed for recruiting agencies. It can change the future of your agency or may even motivate you to build a similar product for your own HR department’s internal use.

Technology Stack

Notable Challenges

Public Profiles for Candidates

To let recruiters share selected information about their candidates with managers, we implemented public profiles. A recruiter can create as many public profiles for each candidate as needed. Each public profile contains selected videos pertinent to a given position as well as information associated with that position such as salary, shifts, etc. The videos and information shown can vary from one public profile to another. Managers can access public profile pages using a simple public profile link.

Video Progress Tracking

Recruiters conduct online interviews, but they don’t make a decision about whether or not a given candidate will be hired. Top managers make the final decision to accept or reject a candidate. After a candidate has interviewed with a recruiter, the recruiter sends the video recording of the interview to a top manager. To help recruiters track when managers watch the video, we implemented a video progress tracking feature. This feature displays the view status of a video interview as ‘not watched,’ ‘started watching,’ or ‘completely watched,’ and also stores data about the number of video views.

Manager Campaigns

Manager campaigns allow recruiters to send job candidates’ data, picked up from their public profiles, to a list of selected managers via email. Lists of managers can be built within the system or can be loaded from CSV files. Recruiters can also track the progress of campaigns, keep track of which campaigns have been viewed by which managers, and see which profiles those managers were interested in (there's an “I'm interested in this profile” button).

New Video Session Flow

To make the interview process more transparent, we introduced several new steps including checking if a web camera and microphone are available, checking the internet connection speed, and adding a candidate profile picture before the interview with the help of a web camera or by uploading a photo.