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  • eCommerce

    RubyGarage experts have huge experience in delivering all kinds of custom ecommerce solutions. No matter if you’re a small web storefront wanting to inexpensively customize a Spree developers or Magento development company installation out of the box, or a huge retail network requiring a highly tweaked configuration or even your own system built and maintained from the ground up, our ecommerce developers are always ready to do it for you.

  • Marketing Automation

    Today’s marketers are forced to use lots of separate tools to manage social media, perform email marketing, collect data, analyze stats and so on. To improve their efficiency we can build a custom marketing automation solution specifically tailored for your needs. Such tool will help to refuse from routine jobs and to focus on making your marketing activities even more personalized and effective.

  • Big Data

    Today so much data can be retrieved about people online: how they behave when interacting with your site, how they react to different marketing messages, what makes them satisfied when using your products etc. Our big data developers can help you make a solution that will not only collect the required data in a single place, but will also process it and provide the analytics necessary for making valuable business decisions.

  • Online Marketplaces

    Whether you need an online global multi-vendor trading platform or a local peer-to-peer marketplace application, we are ready to offer you custom marketplace development involving the most cutting-edge technologies and tools currently available. Our marketplace software is not only secure and faultless by default thanks to using the TDD approach, but also easily scalable and customizable to be ready for your future growth and success.

  • Travel Technologies

    The travel industry constantly evolves and requires more and more web and mobile tools and services to satisfy traveller’s needs. With our technology stack we can help you deliver any travel solutions you may need, including innovative hotel reservations software, travel planning services, discount travel sites, car rental solutions, applications for travel agencies and many others.

  • Team Collaboration Systems

    One of the most painful things in almost any company is making different teams interact, communicate and collaborate effectively. Using lots of separate tools and apps is proved to decrease your productivity by up to 40%, and this is where advanced team collaboration software comes in handy. With our experience and technology stack we are able to deliver tools for collaboration fitting your needs best.

  • Social Networks

    While giant players like Facebook and Twitter have dominated this market for years, there’s a great lack of niche social networks able to properly address specific needs of small groups of users. We are experts in social network development having 5+ years in this industry ,and can not only turn your new social network idea into life, but also provide our business expertise on how to deliver it properly.

  • Education Systems

    The new ways the Internet has introduced for learning have forever changed the way we all self-improve. We’d love to help you make new-generation online education software, whether it’s a learning portal, online courses, virtual classroom or an enterprise-grade knowledge solution, and extend it with advanced features like progress tracking, learning analytics, mobile accessibility and more.

  • Human Resource Management Systems

    One of the best ways to make any business even more effective is to make the employees work more productively. We can help you develop advanced HRM systems letting its users easily generate productivity reports, retrieve health statuses, analyze time tracking sheets, automate routine hiring processes and do so many more to improve the efficiency of work in organizations of all sizes.

  • CRM software

    Customer relationship management systems have long been helping companies to drive more clients and increase sales, yet most of the currently available offerings still might be too generic for specific business needs. We can help you build either a CRM system addressing your particular needs, or create a new-generation solution for modern businesses requiring something that is not yet offered on the market.

  • FinTech

    The banking and financial industries require the highest possible reliability and security when it comes to making software for them. We are able to deliver such products, no matter if it’s trading platforms, business intelligence solutions, data warehouses, banking CRMs or any other type of financial services or internet banking software you or your clients may need.

  • Health Technologies

    Nothing matters most than health, which is way any new healthcare apps and tools will always have big potential and chances to get popular and successful. We can implement a healthcare web service or mobile application of any complexity, from simple advice-giving notification tools and calorie counters to sophisticated medical analytics solutions and CRMs for hospitals or other health institutions.

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