Interview Platform for Professional Recruiters

Interview Platform for Professional Recruiters


Richard McLaren and Andy Simpson


Human Resource Management



Core Technologies

Ruby Ruby on Rails PostgreSQL AngularJS AWS


Interview Platform for Professional Recruiters

Hinterview is the first video-enabled recruitment platform designed to match recruiters’ needs. The platform provides all necessary tools for running video recruitment campaigns, managing candidate profiles, and communicating with platform users. Hinterview shortens the recruitment process and removes location barriers.


As experienced recruiters, Richard and Andy wanted to simplify the recruitment process. They decided to create their own recruitment software using video technologies.

When Richard and Andy reached out to RubyGarage, they already had their project in production. But the existing product had a low conversion rate because of limited functionality and an old-fashioned design.

The Hinterview founders were looking for a reliable technical partner to estimate their project, detect bottlenecks, and give the platform a new appearance to entice lots of new, long-term customers.

We were responsible for:

  • Analyzing the quality of existing code
  • Revamping the platform to meet the needs of the target audience
  • Advancing the video session flow
  • Adding more functionality to the platform
  • Post-release support

A centralized hiring dashboard

A centralized hiring dashboard

A candidate profile

A candidate profile A candidate profile A candidate profile

Each candidate profile includes a short description, CVs, all recorded video interviews, and public profiles they’ve created for different positions.

A video interview session

A video interview session

A recruiter can either watch the full video or use bookmarks to skip forward to the questions they want to hear.


The RubyGarage team overhauled the existing platform and its codebase.

To make the existing product more stable, we made several fixes related to recording videos, managing candidates, managers, and clients, and adjusting profile settings.

Our development team applied acceptance and unit tests to ensure the correct operation of the platform while implementing new features.

We also used the Sidekiq gem to streamline time-consuming tasks such as video information decoding and file conversions.

We took the following steps:

  • Redesigned the whole website to make it more appealing for customers and thus increase the conversion rate
  • Improved the video session flow, including checking for the availability of a video recording device, checking internet bandwidth, and capturing a candidate’s profile picture
  • Developed video progress tracking to let recruiters check if managers have watched a video interview
  • Created manager campaigns that allow recruiters to share a candidate’s information with managers and streamline the selection process
  • Added the possibility for candidates to create personalized public profiles for different positions so they can apply for multiple vacancies at once
  • Developed Hintro functionality: recruiters can record videos and share them with other users, thus saving time on conducting interviews with every single candidate
  • Added a candidate only interview type: during the video interview, a recruiter and a candidate can see each other, but the final version of the recorded video includes only the voice of the interviewer to protect the recruiter’s privacy
  • Devised a real-time troubleshooting feature: users can report a problem while interviewing and get immediate support
  • Сreated rescue instructions for users: when an error appears in the program, a dialog icon with a solution pops up so that users can handle small errors themselves

Technology Stack


Hinterview is currently one of the world’s fastest-growing platforms for recruiting agencies. Hinterview allows customers to manage the entire recruitment process in a timely manner.

Our RubyGarage team has revamped the Hinteview platform and extended its functionality. Today, we’re constantly scrutinizing the existing product, removing unmaintainable solutions, and fixing bugs so that the platform works properly.

The solutions delivered by RubyGarage help speed up the recruitment process and cut the time a recruiter spends interviewing by 70 percent on average.

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