You Should Attend These Ruby Conferences in September 2016

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Viktoria K.


Every year, Rubyists from all over the world gather at conferences where they share insights about their current work, discuss the future of Ruby, and welcome newcomers to the Ruby community. This September, annual Ruby conferences can be found all around the globe. In Brasil, Bulgaria, Japan, Colombia, and the USA, venues are booked and preparations are underway.

Here at Ruby Garage, we like to stay involved in the global Ruby Community, and so we’ve decided to highlight the most essential information about upcoming Ruby Conference to expand awareness of these great events. We believe that these conferences offer a wonderful opportunity to gain new knowledge, get fresh insights about Ruby, and to meet old friends and get acquainted with new ones who are also Ruby obsessed

Here are six great conferences you should consider attending this September.

1. RubyConf Colombia

RubyConf Colombia 2016
[RubyConf Colombia 2016]

When: September 2nd — 3rd, 2016

Where: Medellin, Colombia

RubyConf is a non-profit event first held by Juan Pablo Buritica and his team from Ride in 2015. The aim of this powerful technical conference was to change the reputation of Colombia, and last year’s conference was a step in the right direction.. Buritica and his team hosted one of the largest Ruby gatherings in South America, with more than 200 attendees from all around the world. This year, volunteers from are running RubyConf again.

RubyConf promises to be even bigger and to cover a wider variety of topics than the first time around. Planned talks this year cover testing, refactoring, performance tuning for Ruby/Rails applications, web application security, architecture, mobile applications with Ruby, and unconventional uses of Ruby.

To find speakers on such a diverse range of topics, organizers of RubyConf Colombia invited technology speakers from all around the world. This year you’ll be able to hear from software engineers, CTOs, authors, entrepreneurs, and designers from such companies as Trailblazer, Shopify, Indiegogo Tokyo Rails, and New Relic.

There’s still time to buy tickets, pack your bags, and enjoy RubyConf Colombia 2016.

2. RubyKaigi

RubyKaigi 2016
[RubyKaigi 2016]

When: September 8th — 10th, 2016

Where: Kyoto, Japan

RubyKaigi is the largest (de facto) authoritative conference for Rubyists, and has been held in Japan, the country where Ruby was born, since 2006. The original name of this conference was “Japan Ruby Conference," but there was some confusion with Ruby Central, so the conference was renamed to RubyKaigi. The first conference in 2006 was only for Japanese Rubyists, the only non-japanese presenter being Heinemeier Hansson. But year by year RubyKaigi organizers worked to make their conference more international, and they’ve managed to gain more foreign attendees and speakers.

In 2015, RubyKaigi took a break, but this year the conference is ready to gather Rubyists from all over the world yet again to present the greatest talks about the Ruby programming language on this planet. During the three day conference you’ll have a chance to meet Ruby Committers, software and web developers, technology architects, and computer scientists from Redhat, IBM Cloud, Cookpad,Inc., IBM Toronto, ClearCode Inc., and more. And keep in mind that one of the keynote speakers will be Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of the Ruby language himself!

Don’t miss the chance to attend RubyKaigi 2016.

3. WindyCityRails

WindyCityRails 2016
[WindyCityRails 2016]

When: September 15th — 16th, 2016

Where: Chicago, IL USA

WindyCityRails is a conference that brings together all people who are passionate about Ruby on Rails. Held each year, WindyCityRails teaches developers about various Ruby on Rails concepts and provides rich networking opportunities. The WindyCityRails conference is a great chance to learn new skills and meet new people.

WindyCityRails invites professional speakers all over the world to share their insights on various Rails concepts. You can meet top minds in the Ruby on Rails community from such companies as Heroku, Table XI, Roostify, Highrise, Thoughtbot, and more. Topics will include: how to build robust financial applications, how to start your own program, how to keep calm when you’re a junior developer, how to write integration tests using Page objects, and many more. You can read a preview of each speaker’s topic here.

This year, WindyCityRails celebrates its ninth anniversary. On top of the knowledge you're gaining, you’ll be fed with great food and can take part in the after-party on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at Coding Dojo.

Don’t miss the chance to attend WindyCityRails 2016.

4. Rocky Mountain Ruby

Rocky Mountain Ruby 2016
[Rocky Mountain Ruby 2016]

When: September 30th, 2016

Where: Denver, CO

Rocky Mountain Ruby is an annual Ruby conference that has been bringing developers together since 2011. Although this conference is billed as regional, it attracts people from across the world. Each year, conference-goers, including software developers, system architects, QA/testers, managers, and speakers come to Denver from such countries as Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

This year at Rocky Mountain Ruby you’ll be able to attend seven sessions on development technologies and two community spotlights on important applications of those technologies. Conference topics will be covered by experienced software engineers, Ruby developers, coaches, and company founders from Quick Left, GoSpotCheck, RailsBridge and other great companies.

You can buy tickets now for Rocky Mountain Ruby 2016.

5. EuRuKo

EuRuKo 2016
[EuRuKo 2016]

When: September 23rd — 24th, 2016

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

EuRuKo is an annual European conference about the Ruby programming language and satellite technologies, created by Ruby developers for Ruby developers. The first conference in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2003, on the premise that such events are the best way to gather Ruby fans, give them the opportunity to share insights, facilitate discussions on interesting topics, and simply have great time. Over the subsequent four years, conferences were located in different cities in Germany, but in 2007 EuRuKo started moving to European cities outside of Germany, including Barcelona, Amsterdam, Kiev, and Prague. This year, EuRuKo is waiting for you in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The topics that will be presented at EuRuKo 2016 are still being finalized, but rest assure that you’ll hear from some of the brightest minds in the industry, and of course from the irreplaceable Yukihiro "MATZ" Matsumoto.

Come to EuRuKo 2016 and join the fun.

6. RubyConf Brasil

RubyConf Brasil 2016
[RubyConf Brasil 2016]

When: September 23rd — 24th, 2016

Where: São Paulo, Brasil

RubyConf Brasil is the largest and the most successful Ruby-related event in Latin America, and one of the largest tech conferences on the South American continent. Since 2008, it has been bringing together software developers and visitors from all over the world who are passionate about learning and improving their knowledge of such topics as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Agile practices, Javascript, NoSQL, security, and more.

This year marks the ninth meeting of RubyConf Brasil, and the second time they’ll be using their new conference format, where beginners and advanced developers are separated on different active floors. This approach proved successful in 2015, and RubyConf Brasil is looking forward to an even great success in 2016!

You still have a chance to submit a proposal to speak at RubyConfBrasil, or to buy tickets and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this Ruby Community.

Stay tuned to RubyConf Brasil and be the first to know about this year’s speakers and topics.

Wrapping Up

This June we had the chance to visit our local RubyC conference in Kyiv, but we’re still thinking about which other Ruby events to attend. It’s great to have so many options. We're always excited to meet other people from the Ruby on Rails community and learn more about our favorite technology. We hope to see you at a conference someday soon!

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